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Kelsie & Toby's Fort Lauderdale Engagement

I'd like to start off by saying that "Toby" is not the groom's real name and I only came to call him this after instagram stalking my couples as I typically do to get to know them better prior to our shoots! His actual name is Brian and Toby was taken from East Bound and Down's character "Toby Powers" the son of infamous "Kenny Powers".

Now that we've cleared that up, Kelsie and Toby met in California only to find out they were both from right out side of Philadelphia. SMALL WORLD for sure and totally meant to be! They are the type of couple that just radiate happiness and honestly could not stop laughing their whole engagement session! They relocated to Fort Lauderdale, FL a few years back and now here we are today. Engaged AF and I get document their EPIC Bonnet House Wedding this coming February.

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